Who we are

Rhine Vision Technologie GmbH is one of the worldwide leading companies in the field of infrared cameras manufacturing and is located in Dusseldorf/Germany.

What we can

Our clients can expect our innovation from Research and Development in infrared solutions with professional consulting. We research and develop for users in different areas, dedicate ourselves to the innovation of infrared technology and keep our technology status always at the front of international level. With close cooperations with global first-class providers of infrared technology, we are able to offer you products with best quality to meet your individual needs.

What our products can

Our products are widely used in the following areas: preventative maintenance and safety monitoring (i.g. real-time safety monitoring in the running process of automobile vehicle and mechanical equipment, disaster monitoring in tunnels and railways and long-time safety control by power station and electrified wire netting), process optimization and quality control (i.g. real-time quality control in automated production lines, supplementary analysis of operation mechanism of power facilities, real-time temperature monitoring of rolling machines) and building diagnosis.

Our stationary and portable infrared cameras are both of high quality and reliability. With the infrared nondestructive testing technique, you are not only able to analyze many different materials, but also to detect the damages in many places at the same time. A great number of functional components are also available: real-time temperature measurement with high resolution, data capture, data transmission and data analysis and test results as a whole.

What we promise

We offer you the most advanced scientific and technologic research "made in Germany". We commit ourselves to a continuous innovation with an orientation to the customer needs and the constantly changing practical requirements.

We are determined to be a strong partner for our clients and we keep our words! So, do not hesitate! Just join in the world of Rhine Vision! You can see everything better with us!

So, what are you still waiting for?